Raylib bindings/wrapper to nelua language
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This is a Raylib binding for Nelua language.

How to use

First, install Nelua language and Raylib library.

Then, you can use raylib.nelua, you can use it as a project file or as a external library:

As project file

Just move raylib.nelua file to your project.

As external library

Clone or download this repository somewhere and then either:

  • use the -L option, for example: nelua -L ~/path/to/nelua-raylib my-game.nelua
  • use a neluacfg.lua script on the project’s root directory or on your $HOME/config/ with the content return { add_path = {'/path/to/nelua-raylib'} } (See about this here)

Quick Raylib-nelua specific changes:

This binding contains some extra features to better integrate with nelua language:

  • unbounded arrays are specified on arguments and return types; for example, Raylib.GetWaveData returns a *[0]float32 instead of just *float32
  • for every record an is_* field is defined on the type information; for example, ## rAudioBuffer.value.is_raudiobuffer is true;
  • several functions are also applied to records, for example, function Camera.UpdateCamera(camera: *Camera) is defined, which can be used as a method camera:UpdateCamera();
  • operator overloading functions for raymath.hfunctions defined:
    • Vector2:
      • __add: calls Vector2Add
      • __sub: calls Vector2Subtract
      • __len: calls Vector2Length
      • __unm: calls Vector2Negate
      • __div: calls Vector2Divide or Vector2DivideV
      • __mul: calls Vector2Scale or Vector2MultiplyV
    • Vector3:
      • __add: calls Vector3Add
      • __sub: calls Vector3Subtract
      • __len: calls Vector3Length
      • __unm: calls Vector3Negate
      • __mul: calls Vector3Scale or Vector3Multiply
      • __div: calls Vector3Divide or Vector3DivideV
    • Matrix:
      • __add: calls MatrixAdd
      • __sub: calls MatrixSubtract
      • __mul: calls MatrixMultiply
    • Quaternion:
      • __len: calls QuaternionLength
      • __mul: calls QuaternionMultiply


require 'raylib'

-- [ Initialization [
local screen_width: integer <comptime> = 800
local screen_height: integer <comptime> = 450

Raylib.InitWindow(screen_width, screen_height, "raylib-nelua [core] example - keyboard input")

local ball_position: Vector2 = { screen_width / 2, screen_height / 2}

Raylib.SetTargetFPS(60) -- Set our game to run at 60 frames-per-second
-- ] Initialization ]

-- Main game loop
while not Raylib.WindowShouldClose() do -- Detect window close button or ESC key
   -- [ Update [
   if Raylib.IsKeyDown(KeyboardKey.KEY_RIGHT) then
      ball_position.x = ball_position.x + 2
   if Raylib.IsKeyDown(KeyboardKey.KEY_LEFT) then
      ball_position.x = ball_position.x - 2
   if Raylib.IsKeyDown(KeyboardKey.KEY_UP) then
      ball_position.y = ball_position.y - 2
   if Raylib.IsKeyDown(KeyboardKey.KEY_DOWN) then
      ball_position.y = ball_position.y + 2
   -- ] Update ]

   -- [ Draw [
   Raylib.BeginDrawing() --[
      Raylib.DrawText("move the ball with arrow keys", 10, 10, 20, DARKGRAY)
      Raylib.DrawCircleV(ball_position, 50, MAROON)
   Raylib.EndDrawing() --]
   -- ] Draw ]

-- [ De-Initialization [
Raylib.CloseWindow() -- Close window and OpenGL context
-- ] De-Initialization ]