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Aragon Protocol


👩‍️ Become an Aragon Protocol guardian

Aragon Protocol will soon be live on Ethereum mainnet. You can become a guardian by staking ANT.

Check out the Aragon Protocol Dashboard

The Aragon Protocol Dashboard is the central app where all dispute-related information is available for guardians.


📓 Read the full documentation

Aragon Protocol is a dispute resolution protocol running on Ethereum. It is the core component of the Aragon Network.

🚧 Project stage: v1 implementation

After a long research and development phase, Aragon Protocol’s v1 implementation will soon be released as an upgraded version of Aragon Court.

🚨 Security review status: in progress

Aragon Protocol v1 is being audited by a security firm. We will publish the results as soon as we finish the process.

👋 Get started contributing with a good first issue

Don’t be shy to contribute even the smallest tweak. Everyone will be especially nice and helpful to beginners to help you get started!

Deployed instances


The mainnet instance of Aragon Protocol will be deployed after we finish the security audit.


There are a few testing instances deployed of Aragon Protocol, please refer to the testing guide to have a better understanding on using these.

Help shape Aragon Protocol