Blacklist for nonfree, nonprivacy, nonsecurity, branding and technical packages issues found
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# How to Blacklist a package (adapted from [1]Parabola GNU/Linux-Libre Wiki)

if you find a package that contains, uses, recommends nonfree software or
endanger privacy/security, it should be added to blacklist.txt until a way
to free it is found. more generally, any package that don't protect against
lower level protocols that may cause privacy leaks, metadata/fingerprinting,
vulnerabilities, or in violation to the [2]FSDG, belongs in blacklist.txt.

## Preferred method (blacklisting the package)

* if you don't have [3]git access:
* ask for it, or
* send a patch produced using `git format-patch` to
* if you do:
1. if possible, start by making a [4]replacement available for all
the affected architectures,
or [5]report a bug if the package could be
changed to be free (read next section)
2. pull [6]blacklist.git
3. add package according to the SYNTAX file
4. push changes
5. ssh into and run db-check-nonfree
6. pull [7]core.git and make a new release of the
corresponding blacklist package (e.g. your-freedom)

## Alternative method (reporting an issue)

* file a bug report on the [5]Hyperbola Issue Tracker
* choose the project responsible for it, nearly always "Packages"
* choose the Freedom, Privacy or Security issue type and priority
* report separate issues for appropriate projects if the package is
included with installation media.

## References: