HyperbolaCC (Hyperbola Contents Collection), is a collection of content files (like comics, drawings, documents, icons, logotypes, wallpapers and others) https://git.hyperbola.info:50100/culture/hyperbolacc.git
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HyperbolaCC Attributions:

Original author for drawings, most clean-ups and some colours (2015-2017)
Hyper Bola (hypercolour) H emblem and cape colours (2017)
Bola (parapale and paraviolet) colours (2016)
GNU (gnublue) colours (2015)
Digitalizations, clean-ups and colouring.
Hyper Bola (hypercolour) most colours (2017)
Hyper Bola (hypersilver and hypergray) colours (2017)
Bola (hypercolour, hypersilver, hypergray) colours (2017)
Bola (precolour, paracolour [precolour enhanced],
      protocolour and parapink [paraviolet enhanced]) colours (2015-2017)
GNU (gnublue) eyes colours (2015-2017)
Hyperbola, Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre and HyperbolaBSD wordmarks (2017-2019)
Hyperbola (solid silver) abstrack logotype and Hyperbola (light and dark) wordmark colours (2017)
Hyper Bola (hypercolour and hypersilver) some colours suggestion (2017)
Bola (hypercolour and hypersilver) some colours suggestion (2017)