User contributed scripts and extra utilities for hyperman
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This repository contains contributed scripts to pacman.

Note: This used to be part of pacman.git, but was moved out to make pacman maintenance easier.

How to build:

./configure --prefix=/usr \
            --sysconfdir=/etc \
make check
make install DESTDIR="$pkgdir"

Scripts available in this repository:

  • checkupdates - print a list of pending updates without touching the system

             sync databases (for safety on rolling release distributions).
  • paccache - a flexible package cache cleaning utility that allows greater

         control over which packages are removed.
  • pacdiff - a simple pacnew/pacsave updater for /etc/.

  • paclist - list all packages installed from a given repository. Useful for seeing

        which packages you may have installed from the testing repository,
        for instance.
  • paclog-pkglist - lists currently installs packages based pacman’s log.

  • pacscripts - tries to print out the {pre,post}_{install,remove,upgrade}

           scripts of a given package.
  • pacsearch - a colorized search combining both -Ss and -Qs output. Installed

          packages are easily identified with a `[installed]`, and
          local-only packages are also listed.
  • rankmirrors - ranks pacman mirrors by their connection and opening speed.

  • updpkgsums - performs an in-place update of the checksums in a PKGBUILD.