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License GPL 3


Lightweight configuration of emacs with basic utilities plus personal configuration



  1. git clone ~/.emacs.d/

  2. emacs --batch --eval='(load-file "~/.emacs.d/init.el")'


pacman -S ttf-hack (for default)

pacman -S ttf-anonymous-pro

change the typography in the init-gui.el file

Markdown Mode

  • Require installed markdown in distro GNU+Linux, example:

apt-get install markdown or pacman -S markdown

Flycheck Mode

  • Require installed the languages checking, example:

pacman -S shellcheck # bash, sh

pacman -S eslint # ECMAScript

pacman -S python-pylint # python


Neotree comes by default in combination with all-the-icons. So pressing [f8] will display (you must give “yes”) a one-time screen to install all-the-icons fonts.


It’s for default. helm

Mode Python

  • Require installed virtualenv, example:

pacman -S python-virtualenv

M-x jedi:install-server [RET]