Livie is a small script to search and watch YouTube videos from emacs
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License GPL 3

Livie is Video in Emacs


Livie allows the user to search and play the video from mpv.


  • python >= 3.5
  • python-requests
  • mpv

sudo pacman -S python mpv python-requests


(require 'livie "~/.emacs.d/path/to/livie.el")
(setq livie-script-path (expand-file-name "path/to/" user-emacs-directory))

Installation in emacs-personal

Create new dir:

mkdir ~/.emacs.d/private/

Clone repo:

git clone ~/.emacs.d/private/livie

Open settings.el write the following:

(require 'livie "~/.emacs.d/private/livie/livie.el")
(setq livie-script-path (expand-file-name "private/livie/" user-emacs-directory))


Just run M-x livie and enter a search query. n, p and tab can be used to navigate the buffer. Type s to enter another search. To watch a video, press <enter>.