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rebuild 5 months ago
  Jesús 15a65ba46e
Unexpected blank line before this statement 5 months ago
  Jesús e5981443d3
updated from upstream | 13/08/2019 at 22:46 5 months ago
  Jesús 6f55a6b128
src/js/listeners.js: improve comments 6 months ago
  Jesús e9d78eb2f6
src/js/listeners.js: Expected indentation of 20 spaces but found 16 indent 6 months ago
  Jesús 762b8eceff
update packages dependencies 6 months ago
  Jesús ac82cf457d
update gitignore 6 months ago
  Jesús 953244e083
fix permission 7 months ago
  Jesús f0cfc08dd5
minor fix 7 months ago
  Jesús 69ccd79dbb
updated from upstream | 01/07/2019 at 17:07 7 months ago
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updated .gitignore 7 months ago
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fix mode 9 months ago
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update from upstream 9 months ago
  Jesús bde7d8060d
fix permisison 9 months ago
  Jesús 3cabf3c89c
update from upstream 11 months ago
  Sam Potts 4c3bf25b8a Fixed issue where the preview thumbnail was present while scrubbing 11 months ago
  Jesús 0e5ed91d20
update from upstream 11 months ago
  Sam Potts 215fc3677a v3.5.1 11 months ago
  Sam Potts 4d3b6b882e
Merge pull request #1356 from sampotts/develop 11 months ago
  Sam Potts 83eda174af v3.5.1 11 months ago
  Sam Potts 1c29cb890e Merge branch 'master' into develop 11 months ago
  Sam Potts 438ebe5013 Jsdoc updates 11 months ago
  Sam Potts 4335a2a0d1 Update .npmignore 11 months ago
  Sam Potts 825fd292ae Fix build 11 months ago
  Jesús 8a3893d5e7
new version v3.5.0 11 months ago
  Jesús 4f04d81e9a
update from upstream 11 months ago
  Sam Potts 80990c98c8 Deployed v3.5.0 11 months ago
  Sam Potts 44d3a17870 Fix links 11 months ago
  Sam Potts 54110f8358 Update build process 11 months ago
  Sam Potts 522135adaf Merge branch 'develop' of github.com:sampotts/plyr into develop 11 months ago
  Sam Potts 153b8dc6bb Added RangeTouch, updated Shr lib in demo 11 months ago
  Sam Potts d1bc70ea06
Merge pull request #1327 from robertkraig/develop 11 months ago
  Sam Potts df61e5cdd2 Tweak to readme 11 months ago
  Sam Potts bf9a557868 Plenty of emojis 11 months ago
  Sam Potts 537ffce4e0 Docs 11 months ago
  Sam Potts b38a481b20
Merge pull request #1343 from electerious/patch-1 11 months ago
  Tobias Reich 7e1d461882
Removed setting up multiple players 11 months ago
  Tobias Reich c634d3696e
Remove NodeList example 11 months ago
  Sam Potts 0189e90fce Fix deployment 11 months ago
  Jesús 1de5f9b553
minor fix 11 months ago
  Sam Potts dbd2136bac Fix for cue points missing 11 months ago
  Sam Potts eb628c8e4f Ads bug fixes 1 year ago
  Robert Kraig 38cb20706f
Merge pull request #1 from robertkraig/defect/update-progress-element-axe-error 1 year ago
  Robert Kraig c730866efe
Updating accessibility attribute to progressbar 1 year ago
  Sam Potts d0e3c7c6d0 Merge branch 'develop' into beta 1 year ago
  Sam Potts d9daf2c618 Fix gulp 1 year ago
  Sam Potts b1da599b5d Merge branch 'develop' into beta 1 year ago
  Sam Potts b798368ba6 Update version 1 year ago
  Sam Potts fa4868a26d Fix listeners for preview thumbs when changing source 1 year ago
  Sam Potts 6bf6c3f0f4 Paths 1 year ago