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Daily usage annotations

Updated 5 days ago

Theme built in Bulma CSS framework

Updated 3 months ago

Heart in CSS3 for Valentine's Day

Updated 4 weeks ago

Emacs base configuration is a lightweight. Made to generate its own configuration of Emacs

Updated 1 year ago

My Personal Emacs configuration

Updated 3 months ago

Colorize color names in buffers

Updated 1 month ago

Fork of uMatrix, a browser extension to black/white list requests.

Updated 2 months ago

emmet's support for emacs

Updated 1 month ago

Custom Prompt Shell Bash

Updated 3 months ago

A fork of youtube-dl with Invidious API and without support for running nonfree JS or SWF bytecode

Updated 2 days ago

Simple Hypervideo Downloader GUI

Updated 3 weeks ago

My config of i3wm on Hyperbola GNU

Updated 4 days ago

IGLPCP, es una interfaz web realizado en HTML5, CSS3 y JavaScript para PfSense

Updated 1 year ago

Mozilla extension for blocking nonfree JavaScript

Updated 1 year ago