A fork of youtube-dl with Invidious API and without support for running nonfree JS or SWF bytecode

Updated 10 hours ago

Font Fonts for Free Social Networks and other decentralized services that support the use of Free Software Movement.

Updated 1 year ago

LibreTube is a video publishing platform without coding process on the server. It is a simple and simple web for the presentation of videos.

Updated 1 week ago

Custom Prompt Shell Bash

Updated 2 months ago

Spectre, Meltdown, Foreshadow, Fallout, RIDL, ZombieLoad vulnerability/mitigation checker for GNU/Linux & BSD

Updated 6 months ago

Colorize color names in buffers https://elpa.gnu.org/packages/rainbow-mode.html

Updated 2 weeks ago

MediaGoblin is a free software media publishing platform that anyone can run, with Plyr player for default

Updated 16 hours ago

Personal website built in Django

Updated 10 months ago

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Fork of Plyr

Updated 6 months ago

My Personal Emacs configuration

Updated 3 months ago

Extractor de vídeos de Youtube escrito en PHP, ECMAScript, CSS y HTML.

Updated 5 months ago

Mozilla extension for blocking nonfree JavaScript

Updated 1 year ago

Convertidor de Subtítulos VTT a SRT, escrito en python.

Updated 1 year ago

IGLPCP, es una interfaz web realizado en HTML5, CSS3 y JavaScript para PfSense

Updated 1 year ago

Con Libre Video Converter ahora es súper sencillo convertir casi cualquier vídeo a formato WebM (VP8, VP9), MP4, Ogg Theora para cualquier dispositivo u ordenador.

Updated 1 year ago